Optics & Lens Systems

Improving Lens Performance in Difficult lighting Conditions

The development of high resolution digital sensors has resulted in optical systems and their associated lenses being commonplace in virtually every walk of life.  The resolution, size and sensitivity of these sensors has improved to the extent that system performance is now determined by how well unwanted inputs can be rejected. Baffle structures and absorbing coatings have been used to reject unwanted stray light, but as new applications demand ever-higher performance, legacy solutions are simply found wanting.

Vantablack S-VIS is a visible spectrum optimised coating suited to plastic or metal lens holders used in modern lens assemblies. Its ultra-low reflectance across a broad spectral range is unparalleled, ensuring optimal suppression of stray light in virtually any optical system. The coating eliminates the veiling flare, over-exposure and ghosting that results from stray light, rendering higher-contrast, higher quality images that utilise the sensor’s full dynamic range. Similarly in projection optics, full-on /full off contrast is maximised ensuring the best user experience.

The coatings are applied at our UK production facility or, where manufacturing integration is required, at your facility following technology transfer. 

For additional information please contact the technical team.

DSLR lenses have improved veiling flare, over-exposure and ghosting performance when using Vantablack S-VIS coating technology to eliminate stray light from the lens assembly.

Shooting images in direct sunlight creates significant challenges for photographers. 

Vantablack S-IR is an IR optimised version of S-VIS, and is designed to eliminate thermal flare and ghosting in IR camera systems.

Both S-VIS and S-IR are can be applied to metal or polymer lens holders.