Space – The final frontier

Do you want to be part of the next Vantablack journey?

We make Vantablack. It is a superblack material that is verified as being the darkest man-made substance on the planet.  It really is very black!

What is it used for? From self-driving cars to space satellites to works of art – our products are helping customers push the boundaries of optics.  

We have a growing team of talented scientists and engineers who are committed to creating something absolutely unique.  

Not only can you find Vantablack in space - you also find us on the sunny South Coast in Newhaven just 9 miles down the road (or line) from the all-inclusive, free-thinking vibrant city of Brighton in the heart of East Sussex.

We are entering an exciting phase of expansion and committed to building an exciting business – with great technology, great people, and a great place to work.  Our product is in high demand all around the world and in space!


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