Vantablack S-VIS and S-IR are applied to customer parts at our UK coating facility. We ship coated parts across the world. For US organisations with applications covered by ITAR we work with TAA’s. Please note that both S-VIS and S-IR are classed as dual-use materials so an export licence may be required if the coated part is for use in space or for a military application.

Vantablack VBx2.3 is supplied as a liquid paint for customers to apply in their production facilities. VBX2.3 does not require an export license.

We get a very high volume of sample requests, so if you wish to request samples we will only supply these for valid applications. If you are making a sample request, please provide sufficient detail on the application in your request messsage. Sample requests without supporting information will not be actioned.

In order for us to provide a quote or ROM for your project we will need the following information:

  • Application: space, automotive, lens or special project.
  • A PDF drawing showing the areas to be coated, volumes and any special processing or handling procedures.
  • If your application involves high volumes of components then there is potential to coat components at your facility.

Export Control

In order to comply with UK export control regulations we are required to verify the identity of potential clients and the nature of their proposed use of Vantablack S-VIS and S-IR coatings. If you wish to purchase these coatings, the following applies:

  • Vantablack S-VIS and S-IR coatings are not supplied to private individuals.
  • Many Vantablack S-VIS / S-IR applications do not require an export license
  • Vantablack VBx2.3 does not require an export licence, but  it is not sold to the general public as it requires professional spray systems and training to apply

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  • If you have an existing product or new development, and wish to discuss this with a technical representative, please call +44 (0) 1273 515899, email enquiries@surreynanosystems.com or use our contact page..
  • If you wish to purchase bespoke development samples on non-standard substrates, please call +44 (0) 1273 515899, email enquiries@surreynanosystems.com or use our contact page. Please provide as much detail as possible in your message.
  • If you are looking for technical performance data, please click here.





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