Korean 2018 winter Olympics

The 2018 Korean Winter Olympics saw a lot of press coverage about the relationship between the North, South and the USA. In a world where it's hard to capture the public’s imagination with highly polished car adverts, Hyundai Motor Company decided to create something truly unique - The Worlds Blackest Building - representing a window on our universe for a hydrogen powered future in automotive transport.

Designed by award winning UK architect Asif Kahn, the building was to be constructed next to the Olympic stadium used for the opening ceremony. 

Due to a prior licencing agreement Hyundai Motor Company were not allowed to advertise cars at their home Olympics so they turned to Asif Kahn and Surrey NanoSystems to create what was to be a world's first.

The Surrey NanoSystems technical team worked closely with Asif Khan and Hyundai and sent a technical team to coat the building in South Korea. Working in an incredibly harsh environment and to very tight project deadlines, the project was brought in on time and budget and delivered something totally unique that captured the public’s imagination across the world.

Laurian Ghinitoiu Captures Visitors' Delight at Asif Khan and Hyundai's Interactive Olympic Pavilion


Image: ©Laurian Ghinitoiu

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