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Vantablack is a super-black thin-film carbon nanotube coating offering the highest light absorption available in the world today - 99.96% of light in the visible wavelength. Vantablack's additional properties can be used to revolutionize the performance of optical and other systems.

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Vantablack S-VIS

In addition to the blackest black in the world, we now have the second blackest coating - Vantablack S-VIS - a super-black paint that's sprayed onto surfaces, opening up a whole range of new applications.

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Our Story

Surrey NanoSystems began as a developer of commercial nanomaterial growth tools to support semiconductor evolution. This application necessitated solving the challenge of growing nanomaterials at low temperatures. Our pioneering R&D led to project work to develop super-black coatings to enhance the performance of optical imaging systems.

Latest News

Vantablack S-VIS makes its debut in space aboard CubeSat - Kent Ridge 1 from Berlin Space. The coating was used in the baffles of the satellite's star trackers to improve sensitivity.

The picture shows Berlin Space founders in the cleanroom with the satellite during testing.