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News release from OPTIS on how Vantablack S-VIS is eliminating stray light in HUDs (LINK)


Vantablack ®

Vantablack is a super-black thin-film carbon nanotube coating offering the highest light absorption available in the world today - 99.96% of light in the visible wavelength. Vantablack's additional properties can be used to revolutionize the performance of optical and other systems.

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Vantablack ® S-VIS

In addition to the blackest black in the world, we now have the second blackest coating - Vantablack S-VIS - a super-black air applied coating, opening up a whole range of new applications.

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VBx Coatings

Unlike our broadband carbon nanotube based coatings, these coatings are designed for visible spectrum applications where the designer wishes to create a truly unique space or feature. And in addition to aesthetic design, VBx 1 & 2 provide exceptional performance in stray light suppression applications.

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