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Surrey NanoSystems began as a spin-out from the University of Surrey's Advanced Technology Institute in December 2006. Surrey NanoSystems initial goal was the development of commercial systems for producing carbon nanotubes at temperatures compatible with back end silicon processing. The company's initial financial backer was the IP Group PLC and The University of Surrey.

The first development project was the creation of a range of nanomaterial growth platforms known as NanoGrowth. This work - and the focus on producing materials to support the continued scaling of semiconductor devices - led to an evolution in the capability of the CVD deposition tools under the NanoGrowth Catalyst brand.

In 2012, Surrey NanoSystems' low temperature nanomaterial growth capability led to a project partnership to develop super-black coatings to enhance the performance of sensitive electro-optical imaging systems in a satellite application. This partnership with NPL and ABSL Space Products resulted in the creation of Vantablack - Vertically Aligned Nanotube Array BLACK - an array of carbon nanotubes with remarkable properties for trapping light. 

Today Vantablack is now a globally recognised super-black coatings brand that stands for ultimate performance and quality of service in critical technology driven industries. The original CVD Vantablack coating is no longer manufactured as it has been superseded by Vantablack spray coatings that solve serious challenges in space, optics, automotive sensing and aesthetics.

We currently operate out of two world class R&D and production facilities in the UK based near Brighton, East Sussex. Vantablack coatings are the sole focus of the company.

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