The One Show

The BBC "The One Show" research team had read about Vantablack and wanted to feature it on the prime time show just before their interview with US comedian Jack Black. Because it's difficult to get the concept of 'blackness' across to a TV audience they decided to film a short feature about the coating, how it's made and how it relates to other materials we think of as black.

To best demonstrate its unique performance, we decided to create a Vantablack coated 3D bronze sculpture from a scan of BBC Science reported Marty Jopson's face.

To read about the scanning process follow this link

The result was spectacular, and quite stunning to see what looks like a real life photoshop edit in front of your eyes. The masks then went on to feature in the London Science Museum's Antenna contemporary science gallery and are now recognisable across the world due to sharing across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and reddit.

Other pictures can be found by searching Google for:

Vantablack Mask