Surrey Nanosystems

Enabling nanoelectronics with process and material solutions

Surrey NanoSystems has developed a leading technology portfolio addressing the needs of the global nanoelectronics sector. Its proven technologies deliver precise, ordered nanomaterial structures for advanced CMOS manufacturing processes, meeting the scaling challenges of the semiconductor industry.

Surrey NanoSystems combines its expertise in device-level development with expertise in thin-film equipment design and processes to rapidly deliver solutions for a range of applications including interconnects, vias and interlayer dielectrics (ILDs) for current and future generations of integrated circuits. Surrey NanoSystems’ new class of ultra low-k CVD dielectrics exhibit properties that extend their application beyond i.c. processing.

Backed by leading UK investors, Surrey NanoSystems works with its partners to deliver practical nano-materials and technologies to the semiconductor, renewable-energy and clean technology industries. This partnering approach facilitates the migration of materials and processes developed on Surrey NanoSystems bespoke research platforms to production-ready tooling. Surrey NanoSystems’ development systems and structure-synthesis methodologies are also commercially available to researchers investigating carbon nanotubes (CNTs), nanowires, graphene and vapour-condensed nanoparticles.