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Sample Requirements

Coating Type Sample Type Quantity Price (each) Total Price
Vantablack CVD Educational Sample Part No. 70_04_00001 £560
Vantablack S-VIS Aluminum Coupon 40x40x3mm Part No. 90-16-00119/S £150
Vantablack S-VIS Aluminum Foil 100x100mm Part No. 90-17-00003/S £323
Vantablack S-VIS Copper Coupon 40x40x2mm Part No. 70-02-00058/S £300
Vantablack S-IR Aluminum Coupon 40x40x3mm Part No. 90-16-00119/S_IR £150
Vantablack S-IR Aluminum Foil 100x100mm Part No. 90-17-00003/S_IR £323
Vantablack S-IR Copper Coupon 40x40x2mm Part No. 70-02-00058/S_IR £300
Vantablack VBx2 VBx2 Coating to 100SQ Aluminum Coupon Part No. 70_02_00029/X2 £100
Total Order Value (excludes VAT, Postage & Packaging)


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(If possible it would be helpful if you can briefly describe your intended application. In particular, please provide details of approximate size and shape of the components to be coated and the material type. Also describe proposed measures to be taken to protect the Vantablack surface from environmental exposure and possible human contact.)


Non UK Customers

For customers in: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States
Please select to confirm than an OIEL UNDERTAKING LETTER (found here) has been completed and emailed to enquiries@surreynanosystems.com & original copy sent to the address below.
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For all other non-UK customers:
Please select to confirm that a SIEL END USER UNDERTAKING FORM (found here) and COVERING LETTER have been completed and emailed to enquiries@surreynanosystems.com & original copy sent to the address below.
Please post original copies of OIEL UNDERTAKING LETTER or SIEL END USER UNDERTAKING FORM and COVERING LETTER, if required to:

Surrey NanoSystems Ltd
Unit 24 Euro Business Park
New Road



It is a condition of ordering samples that prospective customers make themselves (including anyone handling Vantablack coated items) aware of the information contained within the Safety Data Sheet below prior to placing an order.

Although it is unlikely that individual nanotubes can become separated from the Vantablack coating, these can present a health hazard under some conditions. Please read the material safety data sheet provided or available at this link

Vantablack® is a highly emissive nanostructured coating consisting of a Carbon Nanotube Array. The surface is highly susceptible to direct impact or abrasion which may damage the material’s optical properties and cannot be touched by humans.

Terms and Conditions


The prices herein are quoted in UK pounds unless otherwise indicated above, and are net and exclusive of local taxes, import duty, VAT and any other local, governmental or EU or national taxes. Import duty, state and local government or EU taxes are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Prices are quoted EXW (Newhaven UK) in accordance with Incoterms 2010.

Quantity of samples

A maximum quantity of 3 of each sample type may be ordered.


Estimated delivery will be approx. 1 week after receipt of order subject to availability and compliance to export regulations where applicable, to be confirmed at order acknowledgement.

Payment terms

Payment is due before delivery. Payment can be made via credit card with WorldPay or by BACS


The unit prices herein are valid for acceptance within 30 days from the date that this order form was downloaded, and thereafter may be subject to change.


Title of goods shall not transfer to the buyer until payment is received in full by Surrey NanoSystems Ltd.


The above prices include a standard warranty of 12 months, effective from the date of delivery. The warranty covers defective materials and workmanship, provided that such defects are not due to misuse and/or incorrect storage and handling on the part of the buyer.

Export Compliance

Acceptance of any resultant order may be subject to receipt of UK Export Licence. If required in order to comply with UK Export Control Regulations, Surrey NanoSystems Ltd may request an End User Undertaking/ General Undertaking Letter to be provided by the buyer before any goods may be shipped. . The buyer shall promptly notify Supplier of any authorisation requirements under Export/Import Laws that may apply to delivery of the goods to buyer’s site(s). Buyer shall advise Surrey NanoSystems at the time of order placement if the goods are intended to be exported or re-exported after delivery.

Material Safety Data Sheet

A Safety Data Sheet in respect of the Vantablack® coating is available at the URL/Link below. It is a condition of this quotation that prospective customers make themselves (including anyone handling Vantablack coated items) aware of the information contained within the Safety Data Sheet prior to placing an order.


This quotation and any subsequent order is subject to Surrey NanoSystems Ltd standard terms and conditions, a copy of which will be supplied on request. Issuance of a purchase order hereto by the buyer constitutes the buyer’s assent to such terms and conditions, which may not be varied or amended except in writing and signed by a duly authorised officer of Surrey NanoSystems Ltd. A contract shall only come into existence when the order is accepted by Surrey NanoSystems Ltd by way of a written acknowledgement of order. In the event of any conflict between Surrey NanoSystems Ltd standard terms and conditions and this quotation, the latter shall prevail.

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