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Surrey Nanosystems Secures £2.5 million in Funding

Octopus Ventures, a specialist investor in early-stage and expanding companies provided ...

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£2.5million funding for Surrey NanoSystems

Among the investors are Octopus Ventures, IP Group, the University of Surrey, with the funds being targeted...

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Newhaven's hidden carbon nanotubes company, Surrey NanoSystems

The company's clever technology, developed through its relationship with the Advanced Technology Institute at the University of Surrey, enables...

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Georgia Tech pushes nanotech research with low-temp carbon nanotube tool

As ICs increase in density and functionality, speeds go up and heat increases. Georgia Tech has purchased a new tool to produce carbon nanotube heatsink structures for heat conduction and dissipation....

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Poland's ITE orders sputtering tool from Surrey NanoSystems

Surrey NanoSystems of Newhaven, UK has won an order for its Gamma 1000 thin-film sputtering tool ...

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