London - Oslo June 27th 2021 - - Surrey NanoSystems the inventors of Vantablack coating technology announce that they are partnering with Uhørt AS of Oslo to install the first Vantablack light absorbing ceiling in their digital colour grading facility. Uhørt are one of Scandinavia’s leading post production companies and have a reputation for delivering exceptional results through the use of innovative technologies. This installation will significantly reduce reflected stray light from the screen allowing for more accurate colour grading in TV and film post-production.

Initially developed for the space industry to reduce stray light in sensors, this will be the first time that Vantablack technology has been used in post-production environment where stray light reflected from the screen to the screening room makes digital colour grading a challenge. The colour grading process requires the clear identification of the full range of colours on the screen and unwanted light reflecting from surfaces within the suit slows down the process.

Until now, Uhørt, like rest of the post-production industry, have been using a standard cinema fit out on the ceilings and walls in their edit suites.

Uhørt’s CEO, William Schaad said “Current best in class black materials used in a colour grading suit tend to reflect back significant amounts of light from the screen to the point where some colours that are technically available on the screen are being washed out. This new coating technology is a significant step forward in improving post-production colour processing”.

Aidan Metcalfe, Surrey NanoSystems VBx Business Development Director added “Vantablack VBx coatings are a significant step forward in allowing post-production environments to have better control of stray light during the viewing and colour grading process. This partnership is important not only because it is the first one, but because it will demonstrate to the rest of the Film and TV industry that existing stray light issues can be simply resolved without major facility redesigns or large budgets”.

Vantablack VBx, because of its unique optical impact has already been used to create one off highly immersive environments for the Olympics, the console gaming industry and for the automotive sector. Using this coating technology in post-production and cinemas is a natural next step and of significant interest to the rest of the industry. Once the technical performance has been fully evaluated the colour team at Uhørt will be publishing an industry white paper on the benefits of controlling stray light in this type of environment.

For more information on how these coatings can be used to enhance your edit suit stray light performance please contact Aidan Metcalfe.

About Surrey NanoSystems

UK based Surrey NanoSystems, the creator of the Vantablack range of super-black coatings, was founded in 2006 as a spinout from the University of Surrey. First released in 2014, the original Vantablack coating captured the world’s attention as the darkest material ever created absorbing 99.965% of natural light. Today, the technology has developed into a range of super-black materials under the Vantablack brand. These coatings are used across a wide range of industries including space & defence, automotive safety, architecture, camera systems, luxury goods and works of art.

Press contact: Ben Jensen –

Technical Contact: Aidan Metcalfe


About Uhørt AS

Based in Norway Uhørt is a global company with a boutique mentality. Uhørt provides post-production services for feature films, drama series and commercials. The company was founded in 2014 and has since then grown steadily year on year by the use of innovative, creative and technical solutions to leading edge postproduction challenges. The company has in recent years broadened its horizon by working on larger international projects as well as branching out into the computer and console gaming sector. Uhørt has built a reputation for technical innovation and for delivering each project with the same care, passion, and creativity no matter the size.

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Senior Colourist - Cem Ozkilicci -

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