Vantablack VBx2

Controlling reflected light in ways not previously possible on a large scale.


Vantablack VBx 2 was created for large scale spray application in areas such as architecture, ceiling blackouts, controlled lighting environments and other places where designers wish to create unique visual spaces, or control reflected light in ways that have previously been impossible on a large scale.

At 1% total hemispherical reflectance (THR), the coating’s performance in the visible spectrum allows designers to create unique optical spaces that maintain performance across a very wide viewing angle, so it’s more than capable of producing the infinite depth and void like forms where the viewer’s dimensional perception is constantly challenged. It also offers exceptional performance in stray light control in industrial lighting, optical sensing and automotive systems.

The Vantablack VBx 2 absorber coating is a solvent based, pigmented coating dispersed in carrier solution. It has no harmful constituents. Once sprayed, it leaves behind a structured light absorbing layer. It should not be used in areas subject to direct contact or abrasion.

Please note that VBx 2 is not available in a spray can or for private consumer purchase and application. An export licence is not required to purchase this coating and export it from the UK.

Please review FAQ's on Vantablack VBx 2 to see if it might be suitable for your application.

Vantablack VBx 2 technical specifications:

  • THR (total hemispherical reflectance) 1% at 600 nm (visible spectrum)
  • Shock and vibration resistance to > MIL-810G
  • Thermal shock and cycling from -196 to +70°C
  • Water resistant – not suitable for external use due to traffic and bird debris blocking the optical cavities
  • High performance at extreme viewing angles >70° (TIS – 1.2% at 70° VIS)
  • Application temperature ~20°C

Applying Vantablack VBx 2

Vantablack VBx 2 is applied using airless spray guns in the same way a conventional paint is sprayed, but it can only be deposited by trained paint contractors as the application process is more complex than for conventional paints.

Typical substrates that VBx 2 can be applied to are as follows:

  • Metals
  • Polymers
  • Ceramics
  • Glasses
  • Ply wood
  • Plasterboard
  • Concrete

Some porous substrates will require sealing prior to application of the coating.

Samples and development

Samples of Vantablack VBx 2 on aluminium substrates are readily available for user-evaluation. 

What can Vantablack VBx 2 be used for?

  • Architectural coatings used internally
  • Architectural lighting overspill control
  • Automotive sensing
  • Optical stray light suppression in lens systems
  • Aesthetic design

Technical Datasheet

To download VBx 2 technical performance data in PDF format, please go to our resources page.

VBx-2 Performance Graphs