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That's NOT a hole in the picture: World's blackest material developed as spray paint

Researchers have developed a new version of the world's blackest material that can be applied using a spray paint gun.

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The Most Important Thing About This Shade Of Black Is Not An Artist's Rights

Lost in last week’s furor over an artist getting the rights to a shade of black was the chemistry that made it possible.

At issue is a material called Vantablack and its derivative S-VIS. Developed by a British company called Surrey Nanosystems, these coatings absorb an incredible amount of light—as much as 99.96% depending on what wavelength you consider. They’re so black that seeing them feels like looking into a hole.

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His Dark Materials

Journalist and author Kassia St Clair talks about Vantablack S-VIS is the Economist's first issue of 1843 Magazine.

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Some Artists Are Seeing Red Over A New 'Black'

A well thought out article on the debate over Vantablack S-VIS in art.

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Can an Artist ever really own a colour?

Anish Kapoor has the exclusive rights to paint using Vantablack, the blackest black that has ever existed – but other artists are keen to use it

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Artists at War - 'apparently'

Sadly, this factually incorrect story is now making the rounds. Vantablack is not a paint and is most certainly not used to hide satellites and stealth planes!

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Vantablack - Blackest Black in the World

Marty Jopson heads to SurreyNano systems, a company behind the world blackest black. The vantablack mask seen in the film will be on display at the Science Museum from 12th Feb.

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Vantablack, the world’s blackest material, is coming to the Science Museum

Vantablack, the world’s blackest material, is coming to the Science Museum.

Its dark appearance is the result of a unique forest-like coating of densely packed, ultra-thin carbon nanotubes which absorb 99.96% of visible light that hits its surface.

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Channel 4 ditches signature '4' logo in 'brave and bizarre' rebrand

It’s either a bold reinvention of a middle-aged brand, or a marketing brainstorm too far. 

Channel 4 has unveiled a new on-screen identity which dispenses with the signature “4” logo that has provided the broadcaster’s focal point for 33 years.

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Your chance to look into a 'black hole': Scientists create material so dark you can't see it

The blackest material known to man has been applied to a Lynx can that's on display in London this month.

Scientists have coated a can of Lynx spray with a material called Vantablack - the blackest material known to man.

Vantablack has such unusual light-absorbing properties that it confuses the human eye, making it very difficult to focus or see any contours.


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